How to Hold a Guitar Pick Like a Pro

Guitar picks are terrific tools for perfecting the sound you want from your instrument. However, the variances in this small item can make holding it challenging. 

Do you need to know how to hold a guitar pick properly? Here are all the answers you need. 

How to Hold a Guitar Pick Like a Pro in 4 Easy Steps

This guide will help you learn how to hold a guitar pick and have you playing great music in no time. 

Step One: Choose Your Strumming Hand 

You can use either hand

Although most of the population is right-handed, roughly 10% of guitar players play left-handed. You can use either hand to play this instrument, making it versatile enough for everyone. 

Therefore, your dominant hand will be your strumming hand when playing guitar. If you are right-handed, you will hold the pick with your right hand and hold it in the left if you are left-handed. 

Step Two: Choose the Right Guitar Pick 

There are many different guitar picks

Not all guitar picks are created equal. Different materials will alter the thickness and weight of picks and how they react with your guitar strings. 

Thinner picks are extremely flexible and are best for strumming. Thicker styles are rigid and ideal for bass guitars or some techniques on electric guitars. Medium-weight options will fall between these alternatives, giving you an excellent overall choice. 

Step Three: Use the Correct Finger Placement 

Use your thumb and forefinger

Although many guitarists will have their own unique way of holding a pick, pinching it between your thumb and forefinger is the most common way. Some people might use the thumb and the first two fingers to grasp the guitar pick. 

Some musicians will curl their entire hand into a loose fist, while others might let their remaining fingers fall free during playing. You can experiment with both options and see which finger placement feels most natural to you. 

Step Four: Ensure a Proper Grasp

You want to grasp the guitar pick with enough force to keep it secure, but not so hard that your hand will hurt or cramp. 

The first thing is nearly close your fist and place the guitar pick against your forefinger with the pointed end sticking out approximately half an inch/one cm from the fingertip. Then, close your thumb over the pick to secure it in place. 

Covering a smaller area of the guitar pick with your thumb creates a better tool for strumming, while more thumb on the pick’s surface area is ideal for accuracy with single notes.  

The guitar pick sticks out more for strumming.

Remember don’t close your fist too tight as well as your fingers. You should relax your fist and gently grasp the guitar pick with only two fingers.

Try to use your wrist more than your fingers when picking or strumming.

Create Music Like a Pro

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What To Do Next?

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